Finally, a new, safer replacement for toxic pesticides….

Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is a new broad-spectrum pesticide proven highly effective against most insects ranging from household fleas, flies, mosquitoes and wasps, to a multitude of crop-destroying insects and fungi.

Unlike other pesticides, it does not attack the nervous systems of insects, humans or animals. Rather, it penetrates and dissolves the protective chitin surrounding negative insect cells.

It is harmless to humans and animals and has been observed safer for desirable insects such as honey bees, ladybugs, etc.

It is a U.S. EPA Exempt, low risk, non-restricted bio-pesticide, which can replace 1,000’s of toxic insecticides.

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One gallon protects 42 acres for as little as $3 per acre per application.

  • Hazard free insect control for less than $3 per acre!
  • Broad spectrum: targets most destructive insects. Documented: “Harmless to People and Animals.”
  • Safer for honey bees & positive insects. * Pesticide residue-free produce.    *    No toxic drift.     *
  • Safer for family, employees and animals. * Apply foliar and/or systemically
  • Number of acres treated may vary due to local factors. Dilutions vary from 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of water.

Modes of Action

Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is a liquid, plant-derived solution comprised of trillions of tiny nano-sized particles that eliminates pests.

It features 5 modes of action.


Purely Green Bio-Pesticide
For as little as $1.52/acre

First, it quickly penetrates most soft-bodied insects such as fleas, fungi, mealy bugs, nematodes, spores, ticks, and wasps. It dissolves their cellular structure, resulting in death.

They cannot survive.

A second method for insects such as aphids, grasshoppers, roaches and hard shelled beetles is to penetrate and dry the lubrication of their exoskeleton joints. The crippled insect dies of starvation.

A third method: Purely Green incapacitates flying insects like white flies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc. by penetrating and dissolving the waxy coating of the insects’ wings. It also dries and paralyzes the exoskeleton wing connection to the body.

A 4th mode of action is suffocation. The tiny particles enter via the insect’s spiracles and dissolve the protective chitin of the tracheae cellular structure. The insect suffocates.

Finally, a fifth method for sucking insects such as leaf hoppers, scale, spider mites, stink bugs, thrips, etc. is to dissolve the insect’s digestive system. When ingested, Purely Green destroys the cellular structure of the bug’s digestive system.

It can be applied via foliar or systemically i.e., soaking the plant roots. The plant absorbs and transmits Purely Green to the leaves where it is ingested by the insect.

The combination of multiple modes of actions leaves the pest little to no chance of survival.


Death usually occurs within minutes for most insects, however with some of the more hardy bugs such as aphids, it may take several days. Some eggs may survive; therefore, repeat applications should be applied based on the reproductive cycle of the pest.

Generally, three applications significantly reduce pest populations until more arrive from neighboring farms.

Its ingredients were clinically documented as Mutagen Free (non-cancerous) and Genotoxicity Free (“Harmless to Human and Animal cells”). Lab reports available upon request.

Safer for family, employees, pets, and livestock

Lower liability – Safer for employee exposure – Clinically documented as harmless to humans and animals.

No toxic pesticide drift

More economical – Full season crop protection for as little as $15 per acre

It is the solution to a worldwide health hazard: It is destined to replace millions of tons of toxic pesticides permeating our food, water, and air.

Why not start in your home and on your farm?

NOTE – The benefits of this superior advancement are not yet available to residents of : Alaska, Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, and S. Dakota.


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