BioWash Technology

“Dr. Tidwell’s new nanotechnology process is the greatest farm discovery since the beginning of farming.” 

Adrian Felix, President, Agronatturalia Organic Farm Supply, Mexico

Farmers are asking how a blend of ingredients processed from natural plants can produce such astounding results.

Dr. Jones, Organic Fertilizer producer, Florida, USA guessed:  “The secret is the minute nano sized particles and the plant-friendly frequencies. They attract and easily stimulate nutrient absorption.” 

True. The ingredients are disclosed on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The proprietary processes are never discussed. The results are self-evident. Farm profits are soaring.

Our processes create subatomic particles ranging in size from 1.6 to 4.5 nanometers, or, averaging less than three nano.

To put that in perspective, the diameter of a human hair measures approximately 75,000 nano.  The incredibly tiny particles can quickly and easily penetrate plant hair roots and insects.

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A Dutch tulip grower photographed the rapid absorption using visible red dye.

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Plant-based nanotechnology: A new tool to create farm wealth.