Plants can survive in contaminated soil, but cannot flourish.”  — Adrian Felix, Organic Farm Supplier, Mexico

The secret is the nano-sized particles and the plant-friendly frequencies. They easily stimulate nutrient absorption. Adding one (1) gallon to 500 gallons of my organic fertilizer sometimes produces triple growth and yields.
— Dr. Jones, Organic Fertilizer producer, Florida, USA

Before and After – BioWash Soil Amendment stimulates rapid nutrient absorption & plant growth

BioWash Soil Amendment – Double the Efficacy

Dr. Jones Soil Rescue

BioWash Soil Amendment

One gallon returns fertility, overnight, to approx 10 acres at ONLY $20.00 per Acre!

The illustration below, provided by R. Havinga, shows impressive absorption of nutrients using photographically visible red dye.

Growers enjoy easily improved nutrient uptake and dramatic growth
— R. Havinga, TEAM Ecosys, the Netherlands


Easily, quickly & economically returns acidic, contaminated soils to fertility.

Overnight Rescue

Acidic, contaminated soil was unproductive. The owner drenched it with BioWash Soil Amendment, planted the next morning and enjoyed 900% growth increase.

Before drenching                                  + 3 days                       + 1 week


This solution is exceptionally powerful and successful for:

  • Neutralizing acidic soils
  • Absorbing unused fertilizers left over from previous
  • Reclaiming soil contaminated by insecticides and synthetic fertilizers
  • Reduce the damage caused by salt intrusion
  • Clean oil and diesel contamination


Unless otherwise noted, dilute at the rate of 1:600.


Most plants can survive in acidic soil but cannot flourish. Acidic soil has been a long-time problem, usually treated over several years with lime dust. BioAmend (pH 9.5 to 10.2) can replace lime dust treatments overnight. Drench the soil root-deep and agitate before planting. BioMend works quickly but reaching the optimum pH for the plant may require testing. Repeat if needed.

ABSORB FERTILIZER RESIDUES left from previous seasons.

Agronomists advise that because natural plants and synthetic fertilizers are not compatible, plants often absorb as little as 30% to 50% of synthetic fertilizers. Unused nutrients accumulate over multiple seasons. BioMend chelates the fertilizer molecules into smaller particles, making them absorbable by the plants. Application: Soak the soil surrounding the roots.


Soils lose their fertility when synthetic chemicals in herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc. accumulate over seasons and contaminate crop spoils. Solution: Drench the soil root deep one full day before planting.


Drenching tree roots restores some older, sick and dying trees and shrubs to health and production.

Suggestion: For enhanced health and production drench the roots of all trees one time per season.


Dr. Lawrence Marais, Citrus Specialist, stated; BioWash Soil Amendment is the only BioStimulant I know that protects against frost and freeze.”

For long term protection, drench tree roots with Soil Amendment diluted at the rate of one ounce per five gallons of water. Repeat one week before any predicted freeze. For foliar application, spray generously with BioWash 25 diluted at the rate of one ounce per one gallon of water. Cover leaves, limbs and trunk.


Drench the area. Allow one week to work.


Drench and agitate the soil with the standard 1:600 dilution.  Allow one week to work, continuing agitation. Test. If needed, increase the concentrate and repeat.