Miscellaneous Testimonials and Field Reports from Real Farmers

ACIDIC SOIL, Malaysia. M. Kim applied BioWash Soil Amendment to his contaminated garden soil and returned it to fertility overnight. His income for the treated area soared from $10 to $300.

ALFALFA, Texas. Don Young enjoyed an unexpected 4th cutting $56,520 net bonus from a $1,080 investment on 80 acres.

ALFALFA, Washington. J. Wilkinson’s BioWashed alfalfa produced an extra 1500 pounds per acre.

He wrote: “Our 1st application was after 1st harvest. 2nd application was 3 weeks later. 2nd cutting results:

  1. No insects.
  2. No leaf damage due to insects.
  3. Approximately 18-30% increase in new grass shoots.
  4. No ground rust, mold, fungus etc.
  5. Rebounded faster after harvest.
  6. Alfalfa was exceptionally taller. “

ALFALFA, FIELD & ROW CROPS, VEGETABLES, Iowa.  B. Treloar reported an extra 20% yield in all forage, vegetable, field and row crops.

He wrote:  “We applied dry fertilizer on our Orchard Grass/Alfalfa mix.  We applied BioWash at a rate of 4 ounces/acre in 30 gallons of water.  It was applied in a 500-gallon liquid fertilizer tank via slow drip.

This is a 15-year-old alfalfa field. 1st cutting results:

  1. Increased tonnage by 1/3 ton per acre over last year’s production.
  2. No insects (no aphids, leaf hoppers, or grass hoppers).
  3. Very little ground rust, mold, etc.
  4. Plants appeared healthier.
  5. Alfalfa was noticeably taller than previous years.

BLIGHT RECOVERY. Ft Myers, Florida.  In 1998, blight devastated the avocado trees in Ft Myers. Madeline Bohannon’s tree bore no fruit for 11 years.

In 2009, she drenched her tree with BioWash. The tree recovered and yielded more than 200 large, delicious avocados!

BRIX, New York. H Raby documented increasing peach BRIX from 11.8 to 13.5.

CITRUS, Florida. G Scott: “In 2009, the orange grove we purchased had about 1900 trees that yielded 1801 boxes of fruit.

In 2010, we bought the grove and removed 650 trees. In addition to the normal sprays, we sprayed the remaining 1250 trees once with BioWash. In 2010, those remaining 1250 trees produced 2484 boxes of navels. In other words, 2/3rd the number of trees produced 1/3rd more fruit or about double the previous yield.

In 2011, we BioWashed twice. Those same 1,250 trees produced 3394 boxes of fruit. In other words, 2/3rd the number of trees produced 88% more fruit. The fruit was so much larger that fewer oranges filled the packing boxes, thus providing more profits.”

CITRUS GREENING, ORANGES, Florida. Dana Vendrick, Botanist, reports multiple successes with HLB achieved by adding BioWash to his nutritional program. R. Marshall, Deland grove owner, drove to the Pine Island BioWash processing facility to thank Dr. Tidwell for inventing BioWash.

CITRUS GREENING, GRAPEFRUIT, Florida. A. Colpaert, Winter Haven, enjoyed HLB recovery, thanks to Dana’s BioWash nutritional treatment.

CORN, Mexico. Mexican corn farmers usually earn $100 per acre. Dr. Rico’s BioWashed corn produced $400 per acre. Larger, fuller ears equal higher profits.

COTTON, Louisiana.  M. Jensen. Professional Researcher documented extra $359 per acre on $16 BioWash investment.

DORMANCY. Ocala, Florida. Johan Uyls’s pomelo tree had been dormant for seven years. After just two BioWash treatments, his tree became loaded with sweet soccer- sized pomelos.

DROUGHT, Texas.  During the 2011 Texas drought, rivers and lake bottoms were parched. Non-BioWashed oats died or failed to produce. Texas Rancher Alton Holt’s BioWashed oats flourished without irrigation or fertilization.

FERTILIZER BOOSTER, Illinois.  K Swab added BioWash to his fertilizers and increased soybean yield from his normal 50 bushels per acre to 107 bushels. He said “Regardless of the fertilizer formula, adding BioWash is the key. “

FERTILIZER ECONOMICS. Dr. Jones, PhD, Florida. “BioWash provides the ability to grow food with less fertilizer, less insecticides and less herbicides. BioWash can reduce the amount and cost of synthetic chemicals needed, permitting poorer countries to feed their populations. This dramatically reduces damage to our environment.

BioWash Soil Amendment can help recover previously fertile but contaminated croplands.  BioWash maximizes use of available nutrients and water while extending growing seasons in hot and cold climates. Extended seasons permit time for additional crops.”

FERTILIZER ENHANCEMENT. Steve H., Global Soil solutions, Florida. “When applying any liquid fertilizer, natural or synthetic, add one (1) ounce of BioWash per four gallons of liquid. BioWash speeds absorption. You will see a visible difference within days.”

FERTILIZER FACTS.  Dr. Jones says: “Usually, plants absorb only about 30% of commercial fertilizers, so about 70% remains unused in the soil. BioWash helps the plant absorb whatever nutrients are in the ground so the grower can reduce the amount of fertilizer and still enjoy abundance.

Adding one (1) ounce of BioWash per four gallons of liquid nutrients permits immediate absorption of the nutrients. It works with natural and synthetic, liquid or dry fertilizers.”

FLOWERS, Naples, Florida.  Gary R. of Naples FL reported dramatic hibiscus growth and flower production. His hibiscus is almost 7ft tall with at least 40+ flowers on it.

FREEZE PROTECTION, California.  In February 2004 a surprise freeze (26°F) extended to the San Diego area, destroying 70% of the California citrus harvest. Jim Little’s neighbor lost his entire season’s crop and income. Fortunately, Jim had BioWashed his trees. Jim lost not one single orange! With 70% of the normal harvest eliminated, Jim enjoyed pleasing profits.

FREEZE PROTECTION. Following the warm 2012 winter and early spring, all fruit trees near the Great Lakes blossomed. A late spring freeze killed nearly all fruit except Harry Raby’s. Harry invested $175 before 19 f. freeze.  Only his peaches survived. He harvested $62,000+.

FREEZE PROTECTION.  Florida. Before a 26° F. freeze on Pine Island, Florida, Jim’s mango trees were covered with blooms. He declined Dr. Tidwell’s offer to BioWash them. Jim lost all but six blooms.   Three miles north, Tree House Nursery BioWashed their 12-acres of mango plants. They saved all their trees, blooms and fruit.

GRAPES, New York, H. Raby, invested $175 (1 gallon, BioWash 100) on dormant grape vineyard. Yields soared to $17,700.00.

HOME GARDENER, G. Behlin, New York.  “Just a note to update you on my results.  Amazing!  The corn is 9 feet high. I can’t pick the beans fast enough, have so many tomatoes I have trouble finding people to give them to, on one cherry tomato plant I picked 40 tomatoes and a few days later another 40 were ripe.  Cucumbers are great and also as important, these all have a wonderful taste, are organic and have never been sprayed with anything but BioWash.”

LIMES, Mexico.  Antonio Gutierrez’s BioWash investment produced an $82,000 profit!   Profits from his 70-acre lime grove soared from $18,000 to over $100,000.

MANGO, Miami, Florida. In January, before the buds appeared, Mike Vaughan BioWashed his ailing mango tree. In February he had so many blooms people drove from the city to marvel. By May, the increased weight of fruit broke two large limbs; he had to support the other limbs. His fruit was blemish free and the sweetest he had ever experienced. His yield soared from approximately 50 mangos the previous season to nearly 1,000 mangos after it was BioWashed!

Mike’s neighbor’s tree had the same soil, the same sun, the same rain and the same temperature but produced few mangos. The only difference was that it was not BioWashed.

OLD AGE REJUVENATION, Florida. Madeline Bohannon had three 50-year-old mango trees that were approaching dormancy. The trees were too high for her to BioWash the leaves, so she just drenched the trunks each Friday for six weeks. Her mango yield tripled!

PAPAYA, Florida. Mike Wallace, owner of Island Botanicals, transplanted one hundred 3-foot high papaya trees; he BioWashed 50 plants. After 90 days his BioWashed trees were 12 feet tall and loaded with papayas. His non BioWashed trees were still waist high and fruitless. Mike BioWashed his remaining trees. Within 10 days, they had grown two feet higher!

PLUS: Papayas usually require 12 months to ripen. Mike’s BioWashed papayas were market-ready in only 7 months.

PAPAYAS, Mexico. Antonio’s BioWash investment: $400+/- on 25 acres. His ROI was $1 million+. His season was extended an extra month. His trees produced between 60 and 100 papayas per tree.

PEPPERS, Philippines. J. Palayen compared profits between two five-acre pepper fields. Hi BioWashed field returned $4,068 net profits compared to only $1,016 from his non-BioWashed field, or additional net profits of $3,052.

POMELO, Florida. Johan UYS’ was fruitless for seven years until he BioWashed it. Then it was loaded with delicious pomelos.

OLD AGE DORMANCY, Florida. M Bohannon had three 50-year-old mango trees that were nearly dormant. The trees were too high for her to BioWash the leaves, so she just drenched the trunks each Friday for six weeks. Her mango yields tripled!

RICE, Indonesia.  Dr. Krishnadadi applied BioWash and increased rice production from 2-3 tons per hectare (2 ½ acres) to 10-12 tons.

RICE, Philippines. A. Cortez reported extra rice profits of $1,100 from a $100 BioWash investment.

ROOT GROWTH. Dr. Hesser: “Because BioWash dramatically increases root growth and strength, roots can absorb scant amounts of moisture and nutrients and convert them to plant growth and yield.”

SOYBEANS, Illinois. K. Swab added BioWash to his fertilizer and harvested 107 bushels compared to his normal 50 bushels per acre. “Regardless of the fertilizer applied, adding BioWash is the key to soybean profits.”

SOY, Tennessee. Steve M. BioWashed 100 acres of soy and compared results against an adjacent, non-BioWashed 100-acre tract. The BioWashed field produced an extra $15,400.00 in profits. Steve’s BioWash investment was only $900.

TOMATOES, Philippines. M. Justinian added BioWash to his fertilizer and increased his tomato yield from 35 tons per hectare to 53 tons. His BioWash investment was only $176.63 and produced extra profits of $2,885.73. (ROI: 163%)

VEGETABLES, Louisiana. Henry M. “For ten years I have tried to grow tomatoes, satsumas, blueberries and peppers, with little success. I normally fertilize four or five times. This year Christian Delano BioWashed my plants. Within two weeks my fruit trees responded with tremendous growth.  They are yielding fruit for the first time. My tomato plants produced about 65 tomatoes each and my pepper plants are still producing up to 90 peppers. This was my best ever crop.

WHEAT, George T. N. Carolina, reported increased yields from 60 to 74 bushels per acre (23%) or additional profit of $46.00 per acre.

A Single BioWashed Tomato Plant!