Crop Fertilizer Boosters

There was a time when soil nutrients were naturally replenished by the death and decay of plant matter. With the increase of human population, there is insufficient time and organic material for soil to replenish itself. It has therefore become necessary to find creative ways to reintroduce these nutrients so man is able to continue to reuse soil for food production. Fertilizers have filled this void. They are formulated to provide nutrients specifically needed by various plants for optimum growth, when and where they are needed.


Without the modern conglomeration of specialty synthetic fertilizers, growers would spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out which nutrients to add to what soils and in what amounts. This trial and error approach, though feasible for small garden plots for small populations, is not realistic when trying to mass-produce crops. The advantage of synthetic fertilizers is that they are formulated for specific applications, making it easy for the grower to use them. Because of their popularity, fertilizers are also readily available on the open market.


The primary disadvantage of crop fertilizers…. And fertilizers in general…. Is their susceptibility to overuse? The axiom that “more is better” has resulted in contamination of waterways from fertilizer runoff, health hazards due to exposure during application and, in some cases, reduction in the productivity of the very soil it was meant to help. Over-application of fertilizer can burn plants and kill microorganisms necessary to the growth process.

What Are Fertilizer Boosters?

Fertilizer boosters do just what the name implies; they “boost” the function of fertilizers, which is to restore vital nutrients to soil so plants can grow strong, healthy and productive. Without fertilizers in today’s populated world, our soil would (and does) become essentially unproductive as it loses vital nutrients through repeated harvesting activities. Fertilizer boosters help fertilizers better do their jobs by helping plants be more receptive to the nutrients fertilizers provide and by helping plants better absorb moisture, a necessary element for fertilizer to work.

How BioWash Helps You

BioWash is a superlative fertilizer booster because it is so effective at preparing plants to effectively absorb the nutrients provided by added fertilizers. It does this by increasing plant root size, encouraging the uptake of moisture from the soil and dissolving fertilizers so they can be effectively used (fertilizers have to have moisture to work). This encourages faster growth, healthier plant stalks, and higher crop yields while actually helping reduce the amount of fertilizer necessary to do the job. It’s exciting to learn there is now a way to enhance the value of fertilizers on crop production while actually reducing the amount being used in farming activities. After BioWashing, numerous gardeners and large growers are enjoying the most bountiful yields and profits they have ever experienced. Less fertilizer with improved results at less cost to the grower. Who would have believed it!