Fertilizer Boosters By Use

BioWash supports a range of fertilizers. See below for specific booster applications.

Why Agricultural Fertilizer Boosters?

The first question an astute farmer might ask is “Why would I even want to use an agriculture fertilizer booster? It costs enough for the fertilizer itself!”

It’s a reasonable question. The answer is that good plant boosters and enhancers help boost yield productivity while reducing fertilizer quantities needed. This reduces the high costs for fertilizers, which increases your profits. It also helps the environment by reducing the amount of commercial fertilizers applied to the soil.

BioWash is a bio-stimulant and a particularly exceptional plant booster because it greatly enhances plant productivity, is inexpensive to apply and contains nothing that will be harmful to people, animals or the environment. Additionally, BioWash greatly enhances yields and profits by helping extend the growing seasons of plants, fruits and vegetables. Because it increases BRIX(sugar content) in plants, it decreases the need for expensive insecticides.

BioWash and Commercial Fertilizers

We know it’s a real challenge to keep your lands productive and profitable while also meeting all the governmental and environmental regulations now controlling your business. While most farmers want to be good stewards of the land, until something better came along they felt no option but to use what worked, despite the drawbacks. Up until now, commercial fertilizers have been the only option.

The reason commercial fertilizers are so popular is because they work. The reason commercial fertilizer boosters are becoming so popular is because they help fertilizers do their job better with less product, at less cost and with fewer environmental and health risks.

BioWash is a preferred commercial fertilizer booster because it can be mixed with any liquid (e.g., water, nutrients, and pesticides). BioWash is made from nearly 100% natural processed plant chemicals which work phenomenally well in breaking down nutrients and minerals into a highly bio-available form for plants. Because the plants don’t have to expend so much energy in assimilating important nutrients and minerals, they can devote more energy to photosynthesis.

Best of all, this amazing bio-stimulant contains no cancer causing toxins, it is fully biodegradable and it poses no risks to humans, animals or the environment.  It is a win-win for the commercial fertilizer manufacturers and the consumer.

BioWash and Farm Fertilizers

Farm fertilizers have long been the mainstay for replenishing nutrients in the soil that have been depleted because of repeated planting activities.

Farm fertilizer boosters are becoming an increasingly useful tool to farmers for reducing the amount (and therefore the cost and drawbacks) of their farm fertilizers while enhancing the productivity of crops.

BioWash has quickly become a farm fertilizer booster of choice because of its natural ingredients, its exceptional ability to convert nutrients into a form that is easily assimilated by plants, the extremely low cost of application and the amazing increases in crop yield and quality enjoyed by growers who include BioWash in their normal plant nutrition program.

BioWash and Home Garden Fertilizers

The home garden fertilizer remains extremely popular because it helps produce the lush, healthy produce we all love to brag about.

The popularity of plant garden fertilizer boosters is growing as home gardeners become more aware of the drawbacks to commercially produced garden fertilizers.

BioWash is a garden fertilizer booster (bio-stimulant) that is produced from processed extracts of natural plants. It adds no artificial chemicals or carcinogens to the soil, is 100% biodegradable so does not degrade water sources and contains nothing that will harm the health of the user. For the home gardener it is a cost-effective and healthy solution to assuring productive crops while assuring family health.

BioWash and Hydroponics

Both hydroponic fertilizers and those intended for use in soil contain three major nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The major difference in hydroponic fertilizers and other fertilizers is that they contain the proper amounts of all the essential micro-nutrients needed by the plant; fertilizers intended for use with soil do not. Because the nutrients are in a soluble form, they lend themselves exceptionally well to fertilizer boosters.

BioWash is an exceptionally effective hydroponic fertilizer booster because it works at the cellular level, preparing the roots of plants to more efficiently absorb the micro-nutrients (ions) from the hydroponic fertilizer solution.

BioWash and Lawn Fertilizers

Ask any homeowner or landscaping specialist… and they will tell you that one of their major challenges is keeping lawns lush, green and attractive. Unfortunately, in their zeal to assure the look they want, many people overuse lawn fertilizers. This sometimes results in dry, burned and unhealthy lawns.

Lawn fertilizer boosters, like BioWash, help grass to absorb nutrients from the soil and water much more efficiently, resulting in a reduced need for fertilizers. The result is reduced risk of fertilizer burn.

Clients who have used BioWash on damaged lawns have been amazed at the speed at which their damaged lawns recover. They’re especially excited about the reduced presence of insects in the lawn, a side benefit of BioWash application. Because BioWash helps resist frostbite and freezing, homeowners enjoy lusher, greener lawns into the dormancy season.

BioWash & Turf Fertilizers

“Turf’s up!”….. Ok, that’s a rather corny pun but it aptly expresses the effect of BioWash as a turf fertilizer booster.

The nutrients in turf fertilizer are made accessible to plants through a number of natural release mechanisms — microbial action and soil temperature, osmosis, hydrolysis and physical breakdown. As the structure of the fertilizer pellet melts away, minerals are released into the soil and absorbed by the plant.

BioWash shines as a turf fertilizer booster because it acts at the cellular level of the roots of plants through a process called Cationic Exchange. This process greatly increases plant absorption of existing water and nutrients, visibly enhances growth, hardiness and yield and reduces the amount of water and fertilizer needed by the soil. An additional benefit of BioWash as a turf bio-stimulant is that it promotes higher BRIX levels, making the plant more insect and cold resistant. These two threats are particularly threatening to turf, especially on golf courses. Because BioWash helps golf courses resist frostbite and freezing, golfers enjoy healthier, hardier, lusher greens and fairways, longer into the dormancy season.