How Do Garden Fertilizers Work?

Before we talk about the value of fertilizer boosters, let’s review how garden fertilizers work.

Scientists have identified at least 17 essential elements necessary for plants to effectively grow (14 of which are from the soil). Repeated harvesting on a plot of land depletes the soil of those growth elements. Garden fertilizers work by reintroducing these elements, especially Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous into the soil.


Garden fertilizers are so popular because, when properly used, they aid in fast growth and help plants quickly appear lush and green….the result all gardeners love. Garden fertilizers are also easy to obtain and easy to apply. Like all chemically produced fertilizers, garden fertilizers come with drawbacks…..


Gardeners, in their zeal to obtain optimum results, often over apply garden fertilizers. Instead of improving plant growth and yield, the garden fertilizers actually burn the plants and reduce the productivity of the soil. Overuse of garden fertilizers can be detrimental to local water supplies as a result of run-off during rain. Exposure to garden fertilizers can also be harmful to the user’s health. Negative drawbacks and cost of fertilizer overuse are a problem…..requiring innovative, cost effective ideas……

“One example of a satisfied client who combines BioWash with his normal planting regime, using very creative planting equipment that will work even in the smallest growing area, is B. Setzer of Blowing Rock NC. Click on the following link to learn how Mr. Setzer incorporates BioWash into his successful growing operation:

What Are Garden Fertilizer Boosters?

Garden fertilizer boosters, like BioWash, increase the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and moisture, therefore reducing the amount of fertilizer necessary to achieve optimum results. Reduced use means cost savings to the gardener and decreased harm to the environment and people.

How BioWash Helps You

Through a process known as Cationic Exchange (CEC), BioWash greatly increases plant absorption of existing water and nutrients and, in the process, visibly enhances growth, hardiness and yield of crops. BioWash also increases BRIX (sugar content) of plants which help them to become more cold and insect resistant (some insects do not digest plant sugar well). Because BioWash is 100% biodegradable, it is good for the environment and because it is used in such a highly diluted form, it is very inexpensive to apply. Improved productivity and yield, better for the environment and at reduced cost….. a win-win for your garden and your pocket book!