Finally, a new, safer replacement for toxic pesticides…. Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is a new broad-spectrum pesticide proven highly effective against most insects ranging from household fleas, flies, mosquitoes and wasps, to a multitude of crop-destroying insects and fungi. -- View Bio-Pesticide Super Concentrate Label -- Unlike other pesticides, it does not attack the nervous systems of insects, humans or animals. Rather, it penetrates and dissolves the protective chitin surrounding negative insect cells. One gallon protects approximately 42 acres! It is harmless to humans and animals and has been observed safer for desirable insects such as honey bees, ladybugs, etc. It is a U.S. EPA Exempt, low risk, non-restricted bio-pesticide, which can replace 1,000’s of toxic insecticides. Call 239-283-1222 to order Purely Green Bio-Pesticide. NOTE – The benefits of this superior advancement are not yet available to residents of: Alaska, Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, and S. Dakota. See Bio-Pesticide Industrial Sizes for Large Farms.