Vegetable Fertilizer Boosters

A fertilizer is a fertilizer is a fertilizer…… and it is no different for vegetable fertilizers. There was a time when there was adequate land on which to rotate crops so the soil could naturally replenish itself. With increased pressure on dwindling availability of land to feed burgeoning populations, nutrients are disappearing from the soil more quickly than nature can replenish them. Vegetable fertilizers work by reintroducing to cropland those nutrients necessary to make plants produce abundant, healthy vegetables for the vegetable consuming population.


Modern man loves a product that is easily obtainable, simple to apply and that really works. Fertilizers can provide all three of these rewards to growers, be they small backyard gardeners or commercial farm conglomerates. Vegetable fertilizers are formulated and prepackaged for immediate use, according to vegetable type, planting location and/or climate. Most home and garden stores carry them and they come with easy to understand instructions. Best of off, properly used, they do work….helping replenish soils with essential nutrients and trace minerals needed for plants to do their job of providing food for the populace.


“If a little works, a lot should be better”. Not necessarily, especially when it comes to fertilizers. Fertilizers are chemicals. Misused they won’t improve a plant’s vitality and they can actually ruin the productivity of the soil. Overuse, which is the most common problem, can burn plants and wash excess chemicals into waterways through rain runoff. This can contaminate the water, often resulting in increased algae growth in ponds, lakes and streams. Chemicals in fertilizers can be harmful to human health with repeated exposure. Misuse of fertilizers can cost growers more money than the harvest returns justify.

What Are Fertilizer Boosters?

Fertilizer boosters supercharge the plant’s uptake of nutrients and moisture in the soil. This means the plant can better capitalize on the nutrients from the added fertilizer because the booster helps pull moisture in from the soil, mixing it with the added nutrients and then processing it through the plant for optimum growth and health.

How BioWash Helps You

Feedback received from users of BioWash reflects growers are achieving amazing results from the addition of this product to their planting process. They are discovering that plants sprout and put out leaves more quickly, that stalks are healthier and that leaves are rich and green. BioWash users are finding that BioWashed crops produce much larger yields of vegetables and that the plants are more insect and disease resistant, as well as being able to better withstand cold and frost (down to 27 degrees). Experienced agronomists believe these results are because of the action of BioWash on the plant’s root and stem structure. It actually helps enlarge the plant roots and, through an electromagnetic exchange between the roots of the plants and nutrient ions of the soil, it improves the plant’s absorption of available nutrients and moisture. By being more efficient, the plant requires less fertilizer and can more readily capitalize on availability of even minimal amounts of water in the soil. Less fertilizer, better use of available water, improved health and yields…. for less money. Boy! That’s progress![/fusion_text]