BioWash Soil Amendment

Genotoxicity Free – Mutagen Free

This new, unique technology offers the greatest benefits since the beginning of agriculture.
Adrian Felix, Organic Farm Supplier, Mexico

This new technology is the basis for multiple beneficial solutions. One of the most beneficial is a fertilizer enhancer labeled BioWash Soil Amendment. (“Soil Mend”). “Soil Amend” is not your ordinary bio-stimulant. It enhances other bio-stimulants!

Soil Mend (1) dramatically enhances cation exchange (2) improves fertilizer efficacy, (3) neutralizes acidic soils, (4) cleans contaminated soils and (5) chelates existing nutrients, making them available for plant absorption.

Leon Hesser, PhD, Dr. Norman Borlaug’s partner in the Nobel Prize winning Green Revolution stated “I have never witnessed a more remarkably effective advance in agricultural technology.”*

Lucas Sim, vegetable farmer, neutralized acid and cleaned contaminated crop soil overnight, planted and increased previous vegetable yields from one (1) bushel ($10) to 30 bushels ($300). *

Craig Jones, PhD, organic fertilizer manufacturer, credited Soil Amend with “double efficacy.” *

Official Malaysian soil research documented raising 4.7 acidic soils to 8.9 within hours. *
(Can be adjusted to ideal pH level) A 2nd official study concluded the existence of previously undetectable soil nutrients.*

Texas oat and New York corn growers reported exceptional severe drought survival. California, Florida and New York fruit growers reported severe freeze survival.*

“Soil Amend” is not your ordinary bio-stimulant. It enhances other bio-stimulants! The heart of the technology is 1st EnviroSafety’s ability to create and energize exceptionally tiny particles from processed extracts of natural plants. Perspective: The diameter of a human hair measures approximately 75,000 nanos. 1St EnviroSafety produces particle sizes averaging three (3) nanos*… tiny enough to penetrate hair roots.

Roelf Havinga, The Netherlands, illustrated rapid penetration of nutrients into plants with red dye into tulip bulbs within 15 minutes.

Real farmers report yield increases from 20% to 75%+ returns on BioWash investments ranging up to 200%.*

Bio-stimulants such as BioWash provide the boost plants need to reach peak performance that fertilizer alone cannot deliver.” Anthony Cortes, Philippine Agronomist

Soil Amend is documented Mutagenic (Carcinogen Free) and Genotoxicity Free (Harmless to people & animals), Certified Carcinogen Free, Readily Biodegradable, Ecotoxicity free, Phytoxicity Free, a Clean Air Solvent, USDA Bio Preferred and was certified “Suitable for Organic Farming.”* *Documentations available upon request.

BioWash Soil Amendment is not a fertilizer, but a fertilizer booster. (Biostimulant) We are actively seeking alliances with fertilizer manufacturers. For details, call 239-283-1222 or email

Fertilizer producers report dramatic results after adding as little as one (1) gallon per 600 gallons of liquid nutrients, herbicides and/or insecticides.

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