Environmental Challenges Met and Conquered

1st EnviroSafety, Inc. is quickly becoming a global leader in new, astonishingly effective agricultural advances.

Bountiful Yields

Farmers are reporting spectacular results with 1st EnviroSafety’s Bio-Wash. Growers are glowing with excitement about vastly increased yields of field and row crops, fruits and vegetables, often doubling and quadrupling profits!

Growers are excitedly telling each other about awesome results and benefits enjoyed after BioWashing beans, corn, hay, soy, vegetables, etc.

Astonishing increases in various fruits and vegetables are reported nearly daily.

  • Florida vegetable growers normally do not attempt to raise vegetables during the hot summer heat but Mike Wallace, Island Botanicals, Bokeelia, Florida, raises a variety of vegetables by applying BioWash.
  • A North Carolina wheat grower increased production by 14 bushels of rich, beautiful golden wheat per acre of. Numerous reports of 25 to 50 additional bushels per acre are being reported.
  • A Wyoming cattle rancher raised abundant pasture grass, even during a drought! Don LeClerc, Florida reported astounding results on rye hay planted in poor soil.
  • Dr. Enrique Rico, Poly Tech University, tested BioWash on a late-season field of corn. He reported increased income from $100 per acre to $400.
  • Robert reported an average increase of 300 additional mangos per tree, netting an approximate $60,000 increase in profits.
  • Antonio Guteriez BioWashed a70 acre lime grove. After BioWashing, he reported increased income from $18,000 to $100,000+.
  • James Little, Owner, Little Ranch, California, credits Bio-Wash with a huge increased in orange production.
    His oranges also tested with 20% higher sugar content, (Brix test) improving market desirability and profits.
  • Tracy Piper’s tangerine yield soared from approximately 300 – 400 small, tart tangerines per tree to over 2,000 larger, sweeter tangerines.
  • Mike Vaughan, Miami, enjoyed a nearly 800% increase in mango production! His yield increased from several dozen to 800+ large mangos. Mike also enjoyed more, bigger tomatoes and an extended season.
  • Bob Murray, TreeHouse Nursery, Florida, credits Bio-Wash with saving his mango nursery. Treehouse is now a major supplier of lush, disease-free tropical fruit plants.
  • Phil Morris, Florida, enthusiastically advised that his gardenias nearly doubled in diameter from two to nearly four inches.

Freeze Protection

  • Jim Little credits BioWash with saving his 4,400+ orange trees from freezing during a recent freeze (27 degrees F.) that destroyed 70% of the California citrus harvest.
  • Joseph Powell, Owner Powell’s Nursery, Punta Gorda, Florida, always drenches his six acres of ornamentals before each forecasted freeze.

Additional Benefits

Bio-Wash removes dust, dirt, oil, grease, mold, insect stains, and toxic insecticides from fruit trees and vegetables. It cleans farm tools and sprayers while in use.


Bio-Wash 1227 is certified as carcinogen-free! To our knowledge, it is the only effective cleaning product certified to contain NO cancer-causing chemicals. (Per currently published EPA research.)

Foreign Markets

In an effort to help Mexican farmers earn more income, the Mexican government earmarked funds in its budget to subsidize Mexican farmer’s purchase of the “Jabon Majico” (Magic Soap). After extensive testing, the leading Mexican university declared 1st EnviroSafety’s BioWash 1227 as the “solution of choice” for organic crops.

More Benefits Coming

Upon completion of the EPA registration as “insecticidal soap,” additional exciting benefits can be published for U.S. markets.

More Accolades

An environmental engineer described it as “planet changing.” A Future Studies professor described it as “The most important environmental advance of the 21st century.”

1st EnviroSafety solutions represent incredible accomplishments in the field of human safety. Its development was a series of challenges, frustrations, perseverance, and achievements.


It started as a quest to develop a safer soap. (Agricultural benefits were discovered later.)
In 1996, Dr. Ted Tidwell became aware of the frightening health hazards caused by common cleaners and pesticides.

The Problems

Toxic chemicals in homes, businesses and on farms were suspected of causing the current epidemics of cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

Related problems included sexual dysfunction, birth defects, premature aging, heart disease, chronic fatigue, weakened immune system, irrational behavior, road rage, etc.

Autopsies of Spanish Alzheimer’s victims revealed masses of dead brain cells. Researchers surmised the neurons were destroyed by contact with free radicals (toxins). Your autonomous nerve system operates your bodily functions such as breathing, heartbeat, digestions, etc. When it is damaged or destroyed, your organs cease to function. Death follows.

Air in every breath enters the brain. Undetectable toxic fumes accumulate and can cause mental dysfunction. They are especially damaging to children. Brain tumors nearly doubled during the 1990s.

The Quest

Alarmed, Dr. Tidwell embarked on a quest to create solutions to the problems. His goal was to replace toxic cleaners in every home, business, and farm, first in the U.S., then on the planet.

It was a frustrating quest. It took five long years of research and testing. He started with a basic “environmental” cleaner formula that needed many of its ingredients replaced.


Tidwell quickly learned that nearly 99% of chemicals used in soaps, cleaners and pesticides are toxic. Most are derived from petroleum distillates or synthetic chemicals. Nearly all are known or suspected to cause cancer and /or mutations and birth defects.

The solution had to be a 100% botanical based (“BioPrefered”) formula… containing NO cancerous chemicals. Many plant-based chemicals were not acceptable.


Tidwell explained his goal to chemical consultants. They considered him to be naïve and impractical… even “nutty.” Some advised that blending cleaners without toxins was impossible. One said, “Everyone knows green cleaners don’t work.”

He refused to compromise. He spent many long hours searching for safe chemicals. Whenever he found one, the next challenge was to determine whether it was an effective cleaner. Most were not.


Slowly, over a five-year period, one by one, he found cancer-free ingredients that worked. Finally, he created a 100% bio-based product that is (1) cheaper, (2) faster-working and (3) gentle. It is carcinogen and mutagen free.

1st EnviroSafety blends enormously powerful yet gentle soaps… blended entirely from extracts of natural plants such as coconut, corn, sugar cane, tree sap, etc.

Our flagship product is a “Bio-Based (Botanical) Cleaner/Degreaser.”

“Powerful…. But, Oh So Gentle”

  • It so powerful, the U.S. Navy selected it to clean battleships. Truckers and fishermen use it to clean grimy engines. It cleans ovens and bar-B-cue grills.
  • It is so gentle; it is enjoyed in homes. One mother used it to bathe diaper rash!
  • Ladies enjoy softer hands and brighter complexions. Men soften their beards while shaving. Mechanics (and their wives) can finally enjoy truly clean, grease-free hands.
  • Environmentally aware and natural health knowledgeable people use it for bathing, shampooing, and every household and workshop job.
  • It is so safe; a pet groomer used it to bathe day-old kittens! Pet shop owners clean without endangering pets. Bird owners can clean cages without removing the birds.
  • Dog and horse owners rave about the glistening shine it leaves on fur. Hog, cattle, goat and chicken farmers use it to clean pens and stalls. Rabbit growers love it.

Unique Versatility

It is so non-toxic, the National Science Foundation (NSF) approved it for use in food processing plants.

  • In a Canadian poultry processing facility, it works faster than the toxic cleaner that it replaced
  • Miami-Dade School tests proved it to be 105% more effective when compared to Federal Standards.
  • U.S. Testing Labs found that it qualified as “Readily Biodegradable.” Thus, businesses save expensive hazardous disposal costs. Corporate safety officers love it.
  • In 1997, of 1,300+ products tested, California found it to be the most environmentally safe cleaner tested.
  • It is so biodegradable, the Florida EPA approved it for cleaning up hazardous waste sites.


We are glad you found our site. If you have any questions, please call 239-283-1222. If Dr. Tidwell is available, he will be pleased to answer your questions.