How Do Turf Fertilizers Work?

Turf growers know that it’s a challenge to grow turf that is resistant to heat, cold and insect damage. Repeated use of land for turf production highly depletes the soil of essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth. Turf fertilizers work by reintroducing these nutrients to the soil, therefore providing turf what it needs to continue to thrive year after year.


Turf fertilizers are designed to supply the specific nutrients, in the correct amounts, needed to maintain a thriving and insect resistant grass. This takes away the guesswork of users, making the selection of an effective turf fertilizer product less complicated. Turf fertilizers are generally easy to apply and, paramount, they can keep turf green and lush. This is of particular importance to commercial users, like golf courses and parks, where appearance to the public is critical.


Turf fertilizers, like all chemical fertilizers, can degrade water resources through natural runoff during rain events. Because they are often applied in large amounts they can negatively affect the health of those applying it. Commercial fertilizers are always expensive but are particularly costly for users who use them over large areas such as turf farms or golf courses.

What Are Turf Fertilizer Boosters?

Turf fertilizer boosters, such as BioWash, are products designed to improve the absorption rate of moisture and nutrients by plants. These boosters help increase the efficiency of the photosynthesis process at the cellular level of the plant, therefore reducing the need for the application of chemical fertilizers.

How BioWash Helps You

Through a process known as Cationic Exchange (CEC), BioWash greatly increases plant absorption of existing water and nutrients and, in the process, visibly enhances growth, hardiness and yield of crops. BioWash also increases BRIX (sugar content) of plants which help them to become more cold resistant. Because BioWash is 100% biodegradable, it is good for the environment and because it is used in such a highly diluted form, it is very inexpensive to apply. Improved productivity and yield, better for the environment and at reduced cost….. how can you lose?[/fusion_text]