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Fertilizer Boosters for Plants

Fertilizer Boosters for Plants Fertilizer boosters for plants are becoming so popular because they help conscientious growers achieve optimum growth while reducing the amount of fertilizer needed to produce beautiful, healthy, productive flowers, vegetables, fruits and field and farm row crops. Reduction in fertilizer use translates to improved water quality, better human health and, [...]


Tree Fertilizer Boosters

Tree Fertilizer Boosters The days of trees having time to fully mature, die, decay and return a good balance of nutrients to the soil on its own are over. Modern day agriculture demands an ability to replenish overused soil quickly and efficiently. Tree fertilizers have filled that need by reintroducing nutrient balance to soil that [...]


Tomato Fertilizer Boosters

Tomato Fertilizer Boosters Gardeners continually strive to produce large, brightly colored and flavorful tomatoes …. but many struggle with how to achieve that goal. That’s where tomato fertilizers come in. Soil deficient in basic nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous will produce straggly stems, yellowing and diseased leaves and small, misshapen and tasteless tomatoes. Correctly [...]


Rose Fertilizer Boosters

Rose Fertilizer Boosters Soils are often deficient in the essential elements necessary for optimum rose plant growth. Rose fertilizers work by adding back into the soil these necessary nutrients. Any fertilizer will work to some degree. But roses will thrive best with an NPK fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) ratio of about 1:2:1. This means more [...]


Orchid Fertilizer Boosters

Orchid Fertilizer Boosters Orchid fertilizers are nutrients that help orchids make their own food from water, carbon dioxide and energy from the sun when natural soil has insufficient amounts of these nutrients available. Plant nutritionists have identified seventeen (17) elements essential to orchid growth, including macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and trace elements [...]


Grass Fertilizer Boosters

Grass Fertilizer Boosters To prosper, grass requires basic nutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphates, and potash) as well as several micro-nutrients (such as iron, manganese, zinc, boron and sulfur). Repeated growth and reseeding of grass in the same soil depletes the soil of these natural elements. Fertilizers work by reintroducing depleted nutrients to the soil, thereby [...]


Fruit Tree Fertilizer Boosters

Fruit Tree Fertilizer Boosters Fruit tree fertilizers work by replenishing nutrient-depleted soil with essential growth nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. These first two elements are especially important in the tree’s formative years when the grower wants to assure a strong scaffold of branches to bear future years of harvests. Phosphorous is essential for [...]


Crop Fertilizer Boosters

Crop Fertilizer Boosters There was a time when soil nutrients were naturally replenished by the death and decay of plant matter. With the increase of human population, there is insufficient time and organic material for soil to replenish itself. It has therefore become necessary to find creative ways to reintroduce these nutrients so man is [...]

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