Turf Fertilizer Boosters

How Do Turf Fertilizers Work? Turf growers know that it’s a challenge to grow turf that is resistant to heat, cold and insect damage. Repeated use of land for turf production highly depletes the soil of essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth. Turf fertilizers work by reintroducing these nutrients to the soil, therefore providing [...]


Lawn Fertilizer Boosters

How Do Lawn Fertilizers Work? You know that lawn fertilizers work but do you know why? Like all chemical fertilizers, lawn fertilizers work by reintroducing essential elements to the soil that have been depleted by repeated use for lawns. By returning the chemical elements necessary for plant growth, such as potassium, nitrogen potash and phosphates, [...]


Hydroponic Fertilizer Boosters

How Do Hydroponic Fertilizers Work? Before we talk about how fertilizer boosters can improve the work of hydroponic fertilizers, let’s revisit how hydroponic fertilizers work. All growing plants need 17 essential elements in the proper amounts to develop and grow to their full genetic potential. Of these 17, there are 14 usually absorbed by the [...]


Garden Fertilizer Boosters

How Do Garden Fertilizers Work? Before we talk about the value of fertilizer boosters, let’s review how garden fertilizers work. Scientists have identified at least 17 essential elements necessary for plants to effectively grow (14 of which are from the soil). Repeated harvesting on a plot of land depletes the soil of those growth elements. [...]


Farm Fertilizer Boosters

How Do Farm Fertilizers Work? Anyone involved in farming knows that farm fertilizers work, but do you know why? Biology 101 reminds us that plants require essential nutrients to grow. Repeated harvesting of crops on a plot of land depletes the soil of those essential growth elements. Agricultural fertilizers work by replenishing the soil with [...]


Commercial Fertilizer Boosters

How Do Commercial Fertilizers Work? Like agricultural fertilizers, commercial fertilizers are chemically manufactured or are purified salts from underground deposits. Most commercial fertilizers include some combination of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous which help the soil stay productive. They do the work of nature by replacing essential elements in the soil that are depleted through plant [...]


Agricultural Fertilizer Boosters

How Do Agricultural Fertilizers Work? Before we explain why agricultural fertilizer boosters are so effective, let’s revisit why agricultural fertilizers work. Scientists have identified at least 17 essential elements that are necessary for plant growth, 14 of which come from the soil (the others come from water and oxygen). Repeated harvesting of crops on a [...]


Fertilizer Boosters By Use

Fertilizer Boosters By Use BioWash supports a range of fertilizers. See below for specific booster applications. Why Agricultural Fertilizer Boosters? The first question an astute farmer might ask is “Why would I even want to use an agriculture fertilizer booster? It costs enough for the fertilizer itself!” It’s a reasonable question. The answer is that [...]



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